GR Training/Planning

Government Relations Training

A training or coaching program conducted by Leonard Domino & Associates can build your organization’s ability to conduct effective government relations.

We’ve been one of Canada’s leading providers of government relations training and coaching for more than two decades.  We began offering training seminars as a way of providing sound government relations advice to smaller organizations with limited budgets.  Over the years, however, we’ve found that our programs also attract people from large, well-funded organizations who want the capacity to take real charge of their government relations activities.

Ask us about one of our seminars, or we can discuss developing a custom workshop or coaching session to meet your specific needs.

Government Relations Planning

Leonard Domino & Associates’ planning services help you get the government relations part of your planning right.  That can pay dividends down the road.

Virtually every organization has a section in their Strategic Plan labelled “government relations”, but far too many organizations seem to assume that all they have to do is change the date on last year’s plan and declare victory.  In today’s tight money environment, that can be a very risky approach.  What’s changing?  What risks are out there?  Are there opportunities?  And how up to date is your list of friends, supporters and contacts?

We’ll work through the planning process with you and your team – everyone, including senior managers and board members, who should be on top of your government relations issues.  The objective is very clear:  no surprises.

If that seems to meet your needs, contact us now.