Leonard Domino & Associates can help your organization build the knowledge and capability you’ll need to deal effectively with government.  The secret to our success is very simple:  we have built an unparalleled understanding of the way governments work and make decisions.  We share that understanding with our clients to help them achieve their government relations objectives.

We can provide comprehensive government relations counsel, working with you throughout the entire process. We’ll help you clarify your issues and any threats, risks or opportunities that may arise from government decisions; identify the decision-makers and influencers you’ll want to deal with; fashion messages that will be persuasive; and arranging the meetings, briefings and negotiations you’ll need to reach your objectives.

We can also provide training and coaching for you and your people, covering everything from the basics of government relations up to what we call our “Master’s Level” programs for senior people.  We can work with you as you develop and update your government relations plans, including ways to engage your board, senior management and broader stakeholder groups in the government relations effort.

We work on a variety of business arrangements.  We’re comfortable negotiating long-term contracts, one-time or project agreements, or combinations where we provide limited services until more is needed.  In every case, we’ll help you make sure you’re working on the basis of a clear understanding of the government relations environment today.