Upcoming Seminars

On April 5, there will be a special workshop on “Successful Government Relations in Doug Ford’s Ontario.”

In the less than 8 months since Doug Ford’s PCs were elected, Leonard Domino and Associates have already learned a lot about how to work effectively with the new government. We know that other government relations practitioners across Ontario have focused on that same kind of learning, but LDA offers something extra.

We’ve developed our special “Successful GR in Doug Ford’s Ontario” Workshop to act as a forum where we can all share the things we’re learning about the new government to help all of us achieve government relations success in the months ahead.

The workshop will be led by Leonard Domino and other seasoned GR professionals.

Len Domino has been in the government relations business for more than 25 years. He has seen governments come and go. He knows that the basic principles of effective government relations continue to apply, but he also knows that a new government will almost always call for new tactics and strategies for government relations success

“The Liberals were in power in Ontario for so long, I think there are a lot of GR practitioners who have never worked with any other government. One thing they will certainly learn at this workshop is that, when it comes to government relations, it is definitely not ‘business as usual’ in Doug Ford’s Ontario.”

At this workshop, the aim is for us to learn together – and from each other.

When you come to this workshop, don’t think of yourself as a “member of the audience.”  Expect to be an active participant instead. We’ll all share our knowledge with others in the field. We’ll ask – and answer – questions as we work together to understand the new government relations environment in Ontario.

We’ll also be featuring two very powerful case histories:


CASE #1.  Children’s Mental Health Ontario

Kimberly Moran, CEO, and Angela Fowler, Director, Strategic Initiatives

In this case, you will hear how Children’s Mental Ontario (CMHO) achieved success, ending 15 years of chronic underfunding by the provincial government for child and youth mental health

CMHO launched #kidscantwait, a highly effective, multi-pronged advocacy campaign, designed to mobilize the public and push government to finally make child and youth mental health a top funding priority. This grassroots campaign produced a government commitment of $3.8-billion towards mental health transformation. Learn how CMHO succeeded — and what it can mean to your challenges today

It is important to note that the CMHO’s initiative included a strong focus on the then-Opposition PCs, who endorsed the government commitment. But it’s interesting to ask, “Would that initiative have worked as well with the Ford Government in place? How might the approach be changed?”


CASE #2: Ontario Association of Psychological Associates

Michael Decaire President, Ontario Association of Psychological Associates, Paula Conforti, Vice President, OAPA, and Sarah Domino, LDA

In this case, you will hear how the Ontario Association of Psychological Associates engaged successfully with the regulatory system at a time when Psychological Associations were at risk of being marginalized by their regulator. Their efforts proved that it’s possible to resist arbitrary decision by regulators. Here again, the lobbying effort included reaching out to all parties in the Legislature, but it’s worth asking: “How might the OAPA’s approach to government be different if it were beginning its efforts in Doug Ford’s Ontario?”

The basic principles of effective government relations don’t really change, but the “Successful Government Relations in Doug Ford’s Ontario” workshop will help all of us understand how best to apply those principles in today’s environment.

The workshop will be held at University Club of Toronto, April 5, 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. There are a limited number of spots available for $149+HST, so if you think that is forum can help your organization succeed, contact us today.

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