Effective GR for Small / Medium Sized Organizations

Leonard Domino & Associates has developed a special capacity to provide effective – and cost-effective – government relations services to small and medium-sized organizations.

With limited budgets, these organizations don’t have the luxury of setting up fully-staffed internal government relations departments.  And often, when they do retain government relations consultants, they see the stars in the “new business” branch at presentation time, and then find that the services are actually delivered by junior, inexperienced people who are still billed out at star rates.

We’ve developed a different approach, specifically tailored to the needs and capabilities of small and medium-sized organizations:  we work closely with the people responsible for your government relations – be it the Executive Director, CFO or other members of management – and we act as your government relations department – operating as real members of your team.

You get senior, experienced government relations capabilities (in most cases, Leonard Domino himself will be the person you’ll deal with), but we scale the operation to reflect your realities.   You won’t be paying us for marked-up clerical services or routine tasks; instead, we’ll show your people how to do as much as possible of the work, saving you money and building your internal capabilities.

We’ll make sure you find out about possible government decisions affecting you in time to influence those decisions.  And when government is considering actions that affect your interests, we move quickly to help you build project plans and project teams when they’re needed – involving your own people, including board members, clients and other stakeholders.

And all this comes at a fraction of the cost involved in trying to build your own government relations department, and at a lot lower cost than you’d be paying to consulting firms whose business model is based on oil companies instead of small or medium sized organization.

If that makes sense to you, contact us now.