I’m a life-long Conservative who knows a lot of the people in the new Ford Government. That’s not why you should hire me to help with your government relations!

My clients have been successful in reaching their government relations goals – regardless of which party is in power – for more than 20 years.

That’s the real reason you should consider retaining Leonard Domino & Associates as your government relations consultants. We get results.

We do know a lot of the people in the new Ford Government, but we also worked very hard to get to know the people in past Ontario governments, just as we have worked very hard to get to know and to earn the trust and respect of the public service.  And we strive to have good relations with the opposition parties, too – just as we did when the Liberals were in power and the Conservatives in opposition.

That’s because the processes of government are complex – balancing differing interests and goals, seeking to find a way to decisions that serve what we call the “doable public interest”.  We do that by cultivating trusting and respectful relationships between our clients and all the people in government who play a role in the decisions that are important to them.

So, don’t worry about my Conservative credentials. They won’t hurt you, and they won’t help you much either.

Don’t take my word for it. Ask Premier Ford.

Love him or hate him, Doug Ford says what he means and he has made himself crystal clear: “no special favours for friends or supporters”.  He is determined to run a squeaky clean government – and that’s good news for you and anyone else who has issues to resolve with Queen’s Park.

You’ll get a fair hearing. You’ll get an honest chance to find ways to fit your objectives with the ones the government is articulating.  And that’s where our skills and knowledge can prove very valuable. We can help you understand that values that are driving the government’s initiatives, and to align your goals with theirs. That’s the recipe to government relations success.

We know a lot of these people, but under the Ford Government, successful government relations is not going to boil down to who you know.

Call me and we’ll get started helping you begin to build relationships with the new government, and we’ll see how things go from there.